No Man Is an Island

The Rusty Wright Band

Rusty Wright's electric Roots Revolution is a mix of vintage tone and passion with a wider array of musical stylings not specific to any one genre.

No Man is An Island, the new single by the Rusty Wright Band, was inspired in part by an autistic child but was written for everyone who has ever felt set apart from others - physically or mentally marooned. Shipwrecked, if you will.

"It's not a three-minute pop song. It's a powerful piece of music and I felt it important to follow where the music was taking me, rather than me trying to compress the song into a cookie cutter format," said Rusty Wright, front man and primary songwriter for the group. "That being said, why not focus on creating music as ART instead of just another formulaic commodity. The songs longer than most radio hits but only because it has so much to say. The lyrics speak of sadness, of feeling apart, and longing for a place where you feel like you belong, like a castaway on an island who through no act or fault of their own has been placed apart from the rest of the world. From that description you might think it’s a depressing song but the music builds to this soaring organ and guitar crescendo as the song progresses and it leaves you with this uplifted feeling. At every show people have leapt to their feet at the end. That's what prompted us to make this the first single."

"We knew we had something special when we performed it at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago in June. We had just started performing it live. We hit the last note and heard this wave of sound roll at us from the audience as the entire place stood and roared their approval. You always dream of moments like that. Buddy was in the audience that night and later, as we got a photo with him he told me "You're great, man. Don't you take s*** from anybody." At that moment I felt my life was complete," laughs Wright.

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