Lost Souls

by the Rusty Wright Band.

One of our most popular songs with extreme drama and emotional power. This song is an anthem for the underdog as the chorus says, "In this world of winners and losers, no one sings for the lost souls in between."

A Medley of two greats!

Rusty pays homage to his 2 favorite guitarists by doing a medley of Robin Trowers "Day Of The Eagle" and Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Couldn't Stand The Weather". Nobody does it like this!

No Man Is An Island

by the Rusty Wright Band

A song inspired by a little boy with autism. The idea that we are all a part of the great sea of humanity is a nice idea but some people through no fault of their own are castaways. Featuring great vocal harmony and a passion that is rare in modern music. One of our favorite live songs.