Some of the fine people who have joined our SPREAD MUSIC NOT HATE group. Click the pic to join us!

Some of the fine people who have joined our SPREAD MUSIC NOT HATE group. Click the pic to join us!

Here's a little video peak from our latest festival performance. The Rusty Wright Band played the Bradenton Blues Appetizer in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd. We hope to make it to your city this year.



Bleary-eyed but cheerful for our early morning visit to Mayhem in the AM in beautiful downtown Lakeland, Florida. We were promoting the band's show at The Music Ranch and also upcoming local festival appearances. Nice folks. Always happy to see them.



A quick backstage selfie of Laurie and Rusty right before hitting the stage at the Charlotte County Cultural Center stage.


What a great night of music and fun with a fine house of friends and fans. We look forward to playing some great shows in the coming months and hope you will sign up for the RWB email list. You'll get a FREE full album download and notices about when and where we're playing.

 Come have a listen and a look and I bet we can make you smile!




That's right! It's time to make a NEW RECORD! Our SEVENTH!

The title was inspired by a real place in my Hometown of Flint, MI that sat directly across from the factory where they made parts for the Cadillac DeVille. I always thought that place had SO many stories over the decades it stood and watched the life and death of the town around it. So this will be a unique blend of Blues and story telling done with my fire breathing brand of guitar-driven, left-turn swingin' grooves.
We've already released a single as a sneak preview of the music to come but we really need your help to do this the way it needs to be done.
I've offered a few ideas to help us out and I appreciate those who have done so, but if the idea of signing up and using apps or buying a T-shirt just doesn't appeal to you then how about just a simple donation to our Go Fund me page? You can give whatever you want.
Trust me, for every dollar we get from others I'm putting in ten of my own and I hate even asking, but in this day and age music artistry is having a harder and harder time reaching the masses and if you believe my music is good and you like my playing and Laurie's singing we really need your help to get this done the best we possibly can and get it out to the rest of the world. You'll be helping strike a blow for TALENT and SKILL and HARD WORK in music, not some lame kid rapping nastiness over a computer beat.
   What do you say? Will you click the link and drop a few dollars in the can? You'll get a copy of the music when its done and I'll know you're a real believer in music from the soul.


Check out what Rusty's been up to

Rusty Wright appeared at the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camps 1st BLUES edition in Chicago, June 28 - July 1, 2018 as one of the celebrity counselors. He assisted camp attendees to improve their skill and understanding of blues music while preparing them for a once in a lifetime chance to perform live on stage with Buddy Guy, Nancy Wilson of Heart and former Stevie Ray Vaughn drummer Chris Layton!