Playin with Fire

The Rusty Wright Band

An electrifying, blues-infused tour de force of rollicking Americana seasoned with hints of rock, jazz & country served up with a side of Motor City flair and attitude.

Not content with finding one groove and sticking with it, Playin' With Fire takes listeners on a joyful, rolling tour of blues-infused, souped-up Americana. Hints of jazz, rock, and country vibe find their way into this veritable musical stew and this six-piece "energized blues storm" dishes it up and serves it steaming hot - along with a healthy side serving of Motor City flair and attitude. It's a vibrant, honest blending of sounds and styles guaranteed to leave you feeling good.

REVIEWS FROM OTHER SITES “Modern electric blues played with good-time attitude, this is what I like. The way you guys blend different types of American music into one very tasty stew is so cool. Your songs have melodies that stay in mind and lyrics that ate meaningful. Together with strong vocals and tight musicianship – and of course some tasty guitar licks – “Playin’ with Fire” is a very satisfying album!”

~Przemek Draheim, music writer and host of “Głosem Bluesa” (The Voice of the Blues) on Radio Sfera in Torun, Poland, and Muzyka źródeł” (Roots Music) on Polskie Radio PiK in Bydgoszcz (Poland)

Just wanted to let ya know I listened to the new cd, and I only got "one" word for it, WOW!, AWSOME, FANTASTIC, GREAT, JAMMIN, FOOT STOMPIN, ROCKIN, KICK ASS, THE BEST, UNBELIEVABLE, SUPER, I didn't know what ONE word to use, so I used 'em all!!! Chuck Stoddard, Jackson Michigan

Please let me set the scene: I went in to KPBX studios here in Spokane WA to pre-record my weekly show, "Down Home Blues", and, just like every week, there were 4 or 5 CD's in my mailbox for airplay consideration. I looked at this one with great artwork, and saw that it was a cd by the Rusty Wright Band. Now I have been doing radio for many years, and hear a lot of cd's by artists I haven't heard of before, and truthfully, A LOT OF THEM SUCK! Well, I put on the RWB cd and was immediately blown away! What a great sounding band- I knew right away that this band was going to be one of my new "push" bands. I like to turn people on to great music that doesn't get played regularly in our area, and I plan to play the hell out of this band on my show! On the website I watched the live videos, and I am truly impressed! Hopefully someday the band will make it up here to the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area. I will be playing music from the CD "Playin' With Fire" on my show for some time to come. Check out the blues show online at or I have a site dedicated to the show: ~ Brion Foster, KPBX-FM Spokane, WA

"This album rocks end to end. Its a great, great album." ~ Mike Yusi UC Radio Podshow & Sonic Wallpaper - USA

"On the Playlist page, the album is now and forever in the All-Time Favorites column." ~ Paul Bodorovski, Midnight Special Blues, Paris, France

"Let me peel myself off the wall and say: WOW! Very powerful, hard hitting stuff!" ~ BluesHammer, Blue Monday Monthly, MN, USA

When Rusty Wright turned 40, he promised himself, and declared to everyone else. that he would give up rock and start performing Blues. Although Playin' With Fire, his sophomore release still reflects his heavy rock influence, it is nonetheless entertaining.

Surrounding himself with some of the toughest, "tough as nails" musicians from the Great Lakes State, and accompanied by his wife Laurie LaCross Wright--a brilliant musical tour de force in her own right, both as a guitarist and a vocalist --he has produced a rocking testament to the stuff of which Michiganders are made. Raising himself above the rust and rubble that is Flint, Michigan, he has set the bar high with this release. ~ Cross Harp Chronicles

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